As it is with most everything in this world, it starts with a baby. I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana to a very young couple named Barbara and Wayne. My father joined the Army after my parents married. My dad was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. I spent my first three years of life there. Then we moved back to our home state, Indiana. I was an only child, so I learned how to have fun by myself. Growing up in the country, surrounded by trees, fields, and a big muddy river was a terrific school. Mother Nature taught me about the important things for art; colors, textures, and light. It’s a big reason that I developed my ability to be creative. I learned to read by the time I was four. I still have my most favorite book of all times, Pebbles Flintstone, Runaway. That naughty baby kept crawling away until Fred built her a stone play set in the backyard. Then Pebbles had a reason to stay home. It wouldn’t take long till I moved on to great literature- Archie comics! I spent many happy hours coloring and drawing. Of course, nothing less than 64 colors would do. I loved my dolls…Jan, and Barbies, Barbies, Barbies. My favorite snacks when I was a kid are still my favorites. Always sour, and salty over sweet. Having transportation, a purple Schwinn, expanded my territory, but the closest town was three and a half miles of peddling away.

Some things never change. Traveling, art, and books still keep me happy to this day.

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