As it is with most everything in this world, it starts with a baby. Kelly was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana to a very young couple named Barbara and Wayne. Her dad was stationed at an Army base in Anchorage, Alaska. She spent her first three years of life there. Then the little family moved back to their home state, Indiana.


     Kelly was an only child. She learned how to have fun by herself. Growing up in the country, surrounded by trees, fields, and a big muddy river was a terrific school. Mother Nature taught her about the important things for art; colors, textures, and light.


     Kelly still has her most favorite book of all times, Pebbles Flintstone, Runaway. It wouldn’t take long till she moved on to great literature- Archie comics! She spent many happy hours coloring, drawing, and playing with her favorite dolls.


     Her favorite snacks are always sour, and salty over sweet. Do you love popcorn?


    A banana-seat purple Schwinn, expanded her territory to the closest town three and a half miles of peddling away.


    Some things never change. Traveling, art, and books still keep her happy to this day.

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